Due to moving into a bungalow dad has had to cut down on the amount of rabbits he keeps and reduce to just one colour. After winning many awards at Area and National shows it was very difficult to decide on which colour to continue with and to try to compete at the highest level. Having had a lot of success with the greys and the success of 'Kitwood Dreamer' who, amongst his many awards, was runner up to the Gold Cup and the Gold shield in 2007, Best in Show at the National ASS in 2008, and eventually winning the Gold Shielf in 2009. Success has also been attained with the tortoiseshells, again winning Area shows and also the Tort cup at the National YSS on several occasions, also being runner up to the Gold Shield in 2010. After changing his mind several times he thought it would be a greater challenge to try and win top awards with the tortoiseshells especially after coming third in the grand challenge at the 2011 National YSS, in fact at this show he won the Grey, Tort and Blue colour cups, not bad considering he only had one blue self doe to breed off. After the move a lovely new 10’ x 8’ cedar shed was ordered and yours truely was given the job of making fifteen new 3’ X 2’ hutches all water proofed and all coated in a light oak woodstain once the vinyl was put on the floor the hutches were filled with twelve does and three bucks and now he is waiting for next year to see what this stud can produce.
best pair in 2007 and 2008 at the national english adult stock show - both does had won best of breed at area shows
2011 tort buck - winner of the tortoiseshell cup at the national young stock show and 3rd in the grand challenge
2010 bred stud buck - best in show yorkshire area young stock show 2010
a promising young tort doe which excels in coat and colour