Besides keepig English rabbits I also have an interest in Bantam chickens. I have kept various breeds with Pekins being our favourite. We often hatch a few eggs, this year we hatched silver and gold Seabrights.
This is a young silver seabright cock hatched in May.

Seabright don't go broody and they do not lay many eggs. We like to hatch the eggs under a broody Pekin if possible but we also have incubators as well. This is purely a hobby to us.
We have two Millefleur, one Lemon Cuckoo, one Lemon Cockeral, ten Pekin hens and three Blue Egg layers.

Each year, around October, we let the adult stock go and keep some of the youngsters that we have bred through the year. Here is a photo of a lemon x Millefleur pullet that we bred this year.
A Lemon x Millefleur cockeral.

We do sometimes have some eggs or chicks for sale but these are very limited.

Whilst they are not exhibition standard they are still a quality gardan bantam.