My stud of chocolates were formed in 2006 and at my first National YSS in 2007 a chocolate doe 'Firshill Vilna' was third Best in Show and also won Best Doe in Show. Since then I have been fortunate to have won several area shows with other rabbits with one of my favourites being 'Firshill Verity'. this doe won the Yorkshire Summer show in 2008 and also bred a chocolate buck that was runner up tp the Gold Cup in 2010. I now refer to this rabbit as 'Unlucky' because after winning Best in Show at the Midlands nd yorkshire he subsequently died just before the National ASS. 'Firshill Valiant' is a chocolate buck that in 2010 won Best in Show at the Midland Counties YSS and the a fortnight later won the National YSS winning the Gold Cup. 'Valiant' and 'Verity' were both bred out of 'Vilna' and being half brother and sister were mated together to produce 'unlucky'. A grandson of 'Valiant' also won the Chocolate cuo at the 2011 National YSS and the doe that won the chocolate doe class is also half sister to 'Valiant'. I have won the Chocolate cup at the National YSS for five consecutive years and have finished in the top four every year. I think this speaks volumes for the quality of this stud. I try to maintain the stud as fifteene does and three bucks and I do like to keep young does every year if possible.